I suppose so, yeah.

[She cracked a smile, despite the fact that she’d been looped in with the ‘bunch of nuts’ statement by default. Sure, she knew her relationship with Gretchen had been her downfall, but to loop her in with attempted rapists and nazi-apologists because of it had always rubbed her the wrong way. She didn’t mind it as much coming from Byron as much, however. After all, he’d looped himself in with them as well. Even with mental instabilities, she felt he didn’t deserve that either.]

I would love to know why as well. …and more about him in general, if I’m honest. I assume Rorschach’s met him, with them both being adventurers together, yes? What does he find suspicious about him besides ..the obvious?

From what I’ve read, the media liked to talk him up a lot before that huge scandal.

Rorschach mentioned that he died once, an accident that turned him blue— and naked. There was something about a, uh, hopping off to another planet? I’m not sure how, but I heard they achieved space travel while I was gone. 

[He turned and had to shrug. Sorry, Ursula. He’d be more help if he could but getting Rorschach to talk about his old team was like pulling teeth.] Sorry. In Rorschach’s defense I’d be insanely curious about a giant naked man who can visit another planet when he feels like it.

[Byron paused, eyes focused forward for a second as he spoke. Man, not even his information-gathering skills were up to par anymore. Some crimefighter he was.] — He um, he did tell me that Metropolis was there at the start, helping them. If we can find him again, maybe he can— maybe he can help fill in the blanks I’m just not helping with. 

If you can stand that Ass’s face long enough to ask him anything. 

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—I was hungry.

It’s Italian food. They gave me the rest of today’s garlic bread before they closed, too. Plenty for both of us.

That— that sounds perfect, actually. 

Lemme get the cat off me and I’ll be there in a second, does that work?

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scarletmonochroma replied to your post:—Byron?
Brought home take-out. Thought you might want some?


— Yeah, yeah I’d love some actually, thanks. 


— Rorschach?


I couldn’t decide on which version I wanted to draw so I made a bit of a hodgepodge. xD


Beautiful E. phasma, or the Red-Tailed Spectre.

Photos from Bugguide.

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[Ursula put a hand to her mouth, attempting to cover her laughter. It was nice to have a laugh after her very emotional return to ‘reality.’ Even if that laugh was half born from the built-up nervousness of the conversation. It was unfortunate that it had to be at the expense of what seemed like a decent man, but damn if it wasn’t funny to imagine.]

Oh, be honest. Do you think he would’ve even considered him? Even if Laurence had taken him on for whatever reason, he’d surely be out in months. “Any press is good press” just isn’t a motto that seems to fly with him.

It’s still weird to think that there’s multiples of people running around. That’s definitely a new one for me. I imagine you’re the only Moth though, yes? You would’ve mentioned if you’d run into yourself.

…There has to be something behind all of this supposed doubles nonsense. It’s not that blue radioactive adventurer, is it? I’m not sure if I trust him. 

Rorschach used to tell me he wasn’t always that big, maybe— but we did already have an Owl. I don’t think Laurence could have dropped Hollis if he wanted to, it would’ve been what they call “political suicide”. Take away the good ol’ American cop one all we’d have left is the show girl and a bunch of nuts, right? 

[He snorted. Well, and Bill but we— shouldn’t mention that one. 

Byron let a grin crack. Ah, yes. Multiples.] It’s better for the rest of the world if there’s only one of me, I uh, I think. Though enough of us together we may be able to overthrow the fat pigs of our government. — That’s probably a good reason to keep it down to just me. Lil’ ol’ harmless Byron.

— Manhattan, I think it was. Rorschach tried to explain what he knew but honestly it was uh, just about as much as we know. He’s blue, and according to my source he’s— he’s incredibly suspicious.

If it’s him doing this, I would love to know why. 

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