[Txt]: Boardwalk seafood sounds great.

[Txt]: Dinner, then? I’ll need to know where to pick you up.

[Text] There’s a fill station on the corner I can get to I’ll be there

[Text] let me try to remember how to send maps lol

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frigidandsharp replied:

[Txt]: I drove up here, so I can pick you up.

[Txt]: I was thinking something I can’t easily get back home. Any reccomendations?

[Text] this is NYC you can get anything up here

[Text] hole in the walls are better than chains. boardwalk seafood?

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[Txt]: I'm in New York. [Txt]: Want to grab a bite to eat?

[Text] Sure! where did you have in mind?

[Text] I can’t walk too far but I can hail a cab easy

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I have got to get out of this apartment this week

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Holly’s distracted and antsy as all hell but she manages to respond:

[text; guy who talks to himself (cute)] yeah sure
[text; guy who talks to himself (cute), delayed] :)

Thankfully, it’s an uneventful walk to her apartment. The alcohol is still humming in her head, but she’s on high alert with her hands clenching into fists and stretching into arches at her sides. She waits until she’s inside the building to text Byron again.

[text; guy who talks to himself (cute)] home

Good girl.

At least now he can get his finger off the dial button for Hollis. Ha that’d be great to try and explain in full. 

[Text] drink some water and i’ll c u later ;-)

[Text] no dick picks

Phone to his pocket and he’s hobbling to get himself a drink. He earned it, dang it. Even if the tactics were so underhanded he feels three different levels of awful. 


The brief rush of adrenaline has sobered her up some, but it doesn’t make her any less irritable at the moment.

[text; guy who talks to himself (cute)] no stop

Holly. He’s just trying to help –– don’t take it out on him.

[text; guy who talks to himself (cute)] sorry. i'm fin e
[text; guy who talks to himself (cute)] really

(Not really. But, hey, she’s almost home at this point.)

[Text] maybe next time then :-)?

[Text] i’ll buy you a round

There, civic duty for the day done. Mostly. If he hadn’t been shot in the leg a few days ago he’d be down between that street and the nearest apartment block looking for her but damn it, not much he can do. 

No more teasing. Damn it, conscious. This was why he never pulled pranks growing up. 

[Text] txt me when you’re home ok?


She steps outside to wait just as the sirens begin blaring a few blocks down. Her heart is thumping wildly against her ribcage, each throbbing beat hard and quick like a good punch.

The thing about technically being a cyber criminal with technically falsified records is that she really does not want to be anywhere near law enforcement at any time. They might start digging, and unearthing Hollis Marie Mason’s sudden existence is something she has worked too hard to prevent. Despite her innocence, she has to leave.

Her loneliness makes her linger a few moments longer than she should, but when they get too close for comfort, she’s gone. She sinks into the darkness and is halfway to her apartment when she finally remembers Byron.

[text; guy who talks to himself (cute)] had to go
[text; guy who talks to himself (cute)] srry

[Text] oh :(

Well, there was the good news of her getting away. Cops don’t let you keep your personals in that level of holding. 

Now he didn’t feel oh so bad.

[Text] need a taxi??

I feel kinda bad about that girl but at least the cops can help her get home safe.


Once Byron’s back in his room, Rorschach goes for a long-done thing of Chinese in the microwave. In fact, he expects Byron to either take quite a while trying them on and changing back out of them—or alternatively, sneaking out the window—that he sits down at the kitchen table to eat, not even bothering waiting.

Now this was awkward. 

Everything seemed to fit like it should, but everything still felt just off enough. It clearly wasn’t his old costume, that much was obvious now if it wasn’t before. He’d left the straps off like requested and being in the suit without those was just—

He could get used to it, even if he didn’t want to. 

Standing in this in bare feet made it all the more awkward so he took the spare seconds to slide on his boots— the new one, with laces that would probably have to go. Few more seconds and he’s back out, hand to his elbow and over his gut like he was attempting to hide something. “Rorschach?” 

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